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Be Aware of Bonus Virtual Lecture in April

Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health is eager to announce the first BONUS virtual lecture series event. On Tuesday, April 23rd, from 12 - 1 PM ET, Season 4, Episode 9 will feature a lecture by the Huron Hospice. The presenter is Erin Donald, Director of Clinical Services.  


Hospices are concerned with providing care, support, comfort and quality of life until the end. A more robust idea of the Huron Hospice organization can be found linked here:  


Stay tuned to learn more details about this upcoming bonus lecture! 


Some themes discussed in this lecture may be difficult for some audience members including death, dying and end of life care. Gateway CERH encourages all audience members to continue their attendance, if able. The hope is that people become more comfortable with discussing all aspects of human life including death and end of life care. 

If you haven’t already, to register for the lecture, please visit the lecture series page:

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