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​Gateway was founded in 2008 as a not-for-profit corporation with charitable status governed by a community-based volunteer Board of Directors committed to its continued success. Since its inception, Gateway has been committed to engaging health care professionals in rural settings and enabling rural citizens to take control of their health.  

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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

​​Through health research, we can improve health care and health care delivery. Through innovation in rural health research, education, and health business, we can attract health care professionals to our area and be an economic driver for a health and knowledge-based economy. We can be a model for similar development in all of rural Canada. 

Huron, Perth, Grey, and Bruce Counties are experiencing significantly higher rates of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, some forms of cancer, chronic lung disease, depression, mild cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s) than urban rates. The rate of diabetes in Bruce County (8.0%) is twice the rate of diabetes in London (4.0%) as well as the provincial average of (4.1%).  The rate of stroke in Bruce County is 51% higher compared to the provincial average.

Through consultation with family health teams and data collection from Gateway’s rural target area (Huron, Perth, Grey, and Bruce Counties), Gateway has shared mutual concerns with health professionals.


  • Healthier rural residents actively contributing to healthy local economies and requiring less health care over time (reduced hospital admissions and emergency room visits). 

  • World-class research and teaching facilities that attract a wide range of health care professionals to practice in this rural area. 

  • Creation of a rural model for Canada that successfully links health research, education, evidence-based practice, and economic development through innovation. 


Exploring Huron County's food landscape

A summer camp to introduce high school students to practical skills and pathways in healthcare.

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on substance abuse and mental health in the workplace.

A summer camp to develop the bond between grandparent and grandchild

Introducing community gardens to long-term care homes and retirement residences

Providing virtual outreach to address social isolation and improve wellbeing of older adults.

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To improve the health and quality of life of rural residents through research, education and communication

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