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To improve the health status of rural residents collaboration between community health centres, rural health professionals, academic teaching and research institutions and the community at large is needed.  Thus, a primary goal of Gateway is to provide a community-based “point of access” where stakeholders meet to develop and implement research strategies designed to improve the health status of rural residents in Southwestern Ontario.


Gateway health research studies focus on real people in real environments. These studies provide structure, support, monitoring and feedback on particular health issues.

Gateway health studies truly help rural community members understand their health conditions and establish healthier lifestyle Gateway research studies can include:

  • daily walking or other exercise

  • diet and nutrition guides

  • home blood pressure monitoring

  • home blood sugar monitoring

  • tech tools for tracking/sending information and monitoring progress

  • Health Promotion

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  • Supports rural health professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc) to conduct research relevant to their rural practices. Gateway aims to be “the research institute of the rural health professional.”

  • Offers a community-based research infrastructure to academic investigators for the implementation of knowledge translation research

  • Encourages collaboration and networking activities between rural health professionals

  • Promotes development of partnerships between community health centres and academic institutions for teaching and research in rural health

  • Attracts young physicians and other health professionals with an interest in research to rural areas

  • Attracts research resources to rural Southwestern Ontario

  • Provides opportunities for mentoring students in health research while addressing health issues in real life clinical scenarios  

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