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Life on the Coast Podcast: Featuring Gateway CERH’s President Gwen Devereaux

Huron County’s Life on the Coast Podcast, funded and produced by the County of Huron featured Gwen Devereaux, President of Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health (CERH), as a guest speaker on the premiere podcast.

The first episode titled, “Farm Succession Planning – Setting the Stage” discussed the agricultural powerhouse we have within the heart of Huron County, and some of the current challenges among farm operators in seceding from agricultural and passing it on to the next generation.

To listen to the podcast, listen here:

The Gateway CERH Team has delved deep into the rich agricultural industry of Huron County in various projects. Farm operators represent a massive industry in the county and their wellbeing matters, so we developed the SHED Talks project to redress the social isolation of farmers in the local community.

To learn more about the SHED Talks, click here:

You may have heard the expression, farmers feed cities. That is true. But Farmers feed their communities as well. We have examined access to local food and have developed deliverables regarding increasing local food accessibility through the GREAT Local Food Project. With this project, Gateway CERH Researchers understand that there is an intimate connection between access to good food and good health.

To learn more about GREAT Local Food, click here: The Gateway CERH is enthused to be featured on the podcast and have the opportunity to share our insight into agricultural to promote the health and wellbeing of rural residents.

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