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Impact Investment Award Recipient

Updated: Jun 10

The Gateway CERH team is pleased to be the recipient of the Huron County Impact Investment Award at the Sunset Community Foundation Award Ceremony. This award is presented to a business that creates economic activity and builds employment opportunities in the area. Gateway CERH has hired over 120 university students throughout the years and enabled them opportunity to grow and excel in their area of study in Huron County. 

If you or someone you know is a student and interested in rural health, reach out, we are always happy to promote, mentor and direct students to local opportunities. We regularly employ summer students to work on projects that promote rural health.

We know that the Huron County Coastline Sunsets are sensational and the same is true of the award ceremony.  Learn more here:

If you are interested in learning more about what projects Gateway CERH students are currently working on, check out our current projects. Our projects include a lecture series, a project to promote the wellbeing of farmers and reduce isolation, a GREAT local food project, mental health first aid and more. Learn all about these initiatives.

If you would like to support Gateway CERH we have some fun merchandise for sale on our website. We have items for every season from a gardening apron, to a warm sweater, to a t-shirt, don't miss out on an opportunity to help support rural health.

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