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Introducing Volunteer, Kathy Liu

Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health (CERH) is highlighting volunteer, Kathy Liu. Kathy has a background that involves both practical skills and an understanding of population health promotion. She completed an Honors Medical Degree in 2022 and a Master of Public Health in 2023.

"I have always been interested in primary care, population health, and preventive health; I found out about Gateway CERH while searching for opportunities in these areas then had a great discussion with the team soon after reaching out to them. After becoming more familiar with Gateway CERH's work, I became really drawn to the community impact it has. I've been loving my time with Gateway CERH so far!" - Kathy

She is currently assisting the BRAVE-F (Benefitting Rural Area Volunteer Emergency Firefighters). This has involved conducting background research into volunteer firefighter health, navigating best evidence for research tests for the program, and writing grant applications for the project. 

To learn more about the BRAVE-F project, click here:

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