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Behind the Scenes: Remarkable Healthcare Worker Recognition Event

The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health (CERH) Team has been hardworking behind the scenes to make this event possible.

(Missing from photos is Sage Milne, research assistant and occasional photographer)

Gateway CERH Research Assistants, Sage Milne, Alexa Harrison, Amy Sturgeon, Jordan Connolly and Katie Sparling, Marketing and Administration Coordinator, Karissa Eckert, and Gateway CERH Board Members, Dan Stringer, Deb Moran, Gwen Devereaux, Nancy Simpson and Michele Young organized this event.

“Since starting at Gateway CERH, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. I've forged lasting connections, gained invaluable knowledge, and experienced personal growth. I’m grateful for this remarkable experience.” Amy Sturgeon, Research Assistant

“I have had the pleasure of being involved in so many different tasks, including the recent Remarkable Healthcare Worker Event. I have really enjoyed building unforgettable connections within the community. “ Katie Sparling, Co-op Placement Student.

Thank you, Gateway CERH Team, for making this event a success!

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