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Lonely No More is an effective virtual outreach model that Gateway CERH has previously partnered with. It empowers those who self-identify with the negative impacts of social isolation and its currently being used to serve rural older adults. This program enhances well-being through co-facilitating new networks and enabling improved community engagement by integrating peer support, conversing with appreciative inquiry and resource navigation.

Since 2018, the Lonely No More program (initially created by Sheila Schuehlein and engaged community partners) has been offering weekly over-the-phone group chats in rural Southwestern Ontario. These weekly chats occur in a party-line fashion with 3 to 5 rural older adults engaging together, facilitated by 2 trained community volunteers (Elder Circles).

If you are interested in learning more about this community service and how to become involved, please call Sarah Versteeg at 519 292 6862.

Check out Gateway CERH's Virtual Lecture Series Event #23 to learn in greater depth about this excellent project:

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