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Grand Sparks 2022 Summer Camp

Summertime and Family time at Gateway's Grand Sparks Summer Camp! In July, 2022, Gateway ran the week-long day camp led by Jay McFarlan (Gateway Chair of Rural Nutrition and Exercise) and Cam Brenner (Summer Student). Grand Sparks is a summer camp where grandparents and grandkids can bond doing activities, such as high ropes, canoeing and biking, and sharing some meals made together. Grand Sparks takes place at the Edge of Walton Challenge Course. Gateway would like to thank all of the Grandkids, Grandparents who participated along with  all of the supportive parents and team members at the Edge of Walton Challenge Course. What a great and fun time we all had!


Hey [Gateway],

I would like to thank you for the excellent job you and others put into creating and implementing the camp week of Grandsparks. What a wonderful environment for grandparents, their grandchildren and leaders. The environment is so positive, inclusive, kind and considerate of everyone. This is the kind of society we want to encourage, promote and emulate in our daily lives. On the very first day I noticed immediately how very gentle the atmosphere was. There was no yelling amongst the kids or their grandparents, no bad language, no shoving and pushing for turns on the equipment and kindness was extended from the older kids towards the younger ones.

Camper loved the camp, she wants to come back next year! We really appreciated how receptive everyone was to her despite some of her limitations. Camper’s parents were so pleased and impressed at how much she enjoyed camp and talked about it to them when she returned home.

Congratulations on a wonderful program and making the week so enjoyable for everyone. I would highly recommend and promote Grandsparks to others.

With sincere thanks, P. and C. Murray

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