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Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health
2021 - 2024 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellbeing of rural residents through research, education and communication


Our Vision

To see a positive transformation in the way that health is recognized and distributed, and within the composition of our healthcare workforce.

Taking Research, to Educate, to Communicate then Impact!

Our Strategy

Everything we do is aimed at these key goals:

1. Improve health and wellbeing of people living in Southwestern Ontario

2. Reduce the strain on our healthcare system

3. Enhance quality of healthcare 

Our 2021-2024 areas of focus are composed of:

  • Operational

  • Aspirational


As an organization we need to expand our partnerships and build networks of connection between our research institution and industry actors, hospitals, education institutions and local areas of government and administration. We need to build relationships with intent to make ourselves relevant to various actors and a positive mechanism of change through a shared vision of development of Southwestern Ontario.  

Sustainable Resources


Marketing and Communication

Why it matters?
  • As an organization, building effective networks of connection improve sustainability and allow greater access to funding and research opportunities. 

  • It allows for greater growth and development of students and local opportunities for engagement. 

  • It enables funding to the administration of day-to-day activities of gateway with greater resources for communication and growth 


What does success look like?
  • Expanding partnership with Universities and other academic institutions

  • Acting with AMGH as an arm of research 

  • Gain sponsorship for the day-to-day operations of Gateway 

  • Nurture existing industry industry partnerships and foster new 

  • Expand community funding events such as Hometown heroes

  • Maintain communication channels between ourselves and community residents


Aspirational comes in two parts, what we can and what we should do. Outcomes need time and creating aspirations to build progressively to are important. This sets a clear benchmark for progress and benefits. We need to set goals to move past the hope for change to be the pivot in the area. 

Why it matters?

As an organization, we need to always devote time to closing that knowledge translation gap and expand our communications to local areas.


We need to consistently communicate what we are doing to both attract interest and create awareness to both the unique opportunities and challenges that Southwestern Ontario has. 


What does success look like?
  • Creation of progressive projects such as SHARP 

  • Development of projects to create a rural conference on health 

Our Team Cares

Your Health, Your Community, Gateway Cares

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