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Aerial View of Farm

S.H.E.D. Talks
Sustaining Healthy Farms Through Empowerment and Dedication

Hosting a S.H.E.D. Talk 

If you are interested in hosting a S.H.E.D. Talk please review our host checklist and fill out the sign up form. Please provide the date and location of your S.H.E.D. Talk as well as any questions you may have as a host.

Gateway CERH staff are available to help with questions and supplies such as guest speakers, projectors, chairs, and printable resources.

Host a S.H.E.D. Talk


Image by Dan Meyers

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

CASA works to help farmers fix, recognize, and plan for safety risks. The provide excellent programs, resources, and training.

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Upcoming Events 

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Rural Southwestern Ontario S.H.E.D. Talks Launch with Special Guest Wheat Pete

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