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Rural Health Research

Help Your Local Community Learn More!

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Gateway is a rural health research organization that aims to improve the wellbeing of rural residents through research, education and communication. In order to successful we need local rural residents to help us learn more by participating in research!

Gateway is constantly looking to learn more to help more! Find below many opportunities to participate in research with Gateway and with our community partners. 

Participation Opportunities in Research

GREAT Local Food


SHED Talks


Be Well, Work Well


This project aims to promote people who grow local food; to promote people who raise local food; to increase the amount who eat local food; to ensure that we have accessible local food; and ultimately, to end up with thriving local food systems in Huron County.

Gateway is currently investigating the relationship of the consumer with local food. Click below to participate in Gateway's research

The S.H.E.D. Talks project focuses on building connections and empowering an agricultural
community in Huron and Perth County. Further, it focuses on the goal of reducing social isolation and lessening the daily stressors that farmers experience.

Opportunities for participation coming soon.

Gateway partnered with the Ontario Government and other local partners to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and substance use in rural Huron and Perth workplaces.

Opportunities to participate are currently closed. 

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Other Opportunities to Participate in Research

University of Waterloo


York University


PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR RESEARCH in a study to co-develop a research agenda for examining the impact of pharmacist-led medication reviews in interdisciplinary primary-care memory clinics.

Research participants are wanted to speak on interventions that may help older patients improve their physical & cognitive functioning after a hospital stay.

Eligibility: healthcare work - clinician or decision-maker

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