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Legion Learning & Legion Lounge

Connecting Seniors to Technology in a Fun & Innovative Way

Legion Learning aims to bridge the gap between seniors and technology use by pairing non-technology savvy seniors with local seniors who are technologically inclined. This project promotes volunteerism amongst seniors, supports social participation and inclusion, and will decrease social isolation among our elderly population.


Legion Lounge is a social lounge and café to promote social engagement and collaboration. It will serve as a welcoming, vibrant space where the community can come together to form friendships, enjoy light refreshments, and build a sense of belonging. The project will improve seniors’ health and wellness by promoting physical activity and increasing cardiovascular health through physical games (Nintendo Switch Sports, Cornhole and more), improving mental stimulation through trivia and puzzle games, and enhancing social interaction.

Our Research

32% of Goderich's population is 65 years and older, this is compared to the provincial average of 18.5%. 

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on social 

Our Funders

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